Friday, October 26, 2007

SQL Anywhere Tool Issues

Lately I've been working with SQL Anywhere 10. It's always hard working with new because invariably different paradigms are used (which is good) and of course it takes time to grok them. However knowing this doesn't stop me from being frustrated during the learning.

And unfortunately sometimes parts of the toolset are below par. Interactive SQL is an example of a truly horrible tool. It lacks any advanced features. F5 executes (good) but to execute a selected portion of the SQL you have to hit F9 which gets me every time.

I just exited the tool and it prompted me to save the changes that I had made to a SQL script. All looked good and I said yes. Then I was informed that the file was locked and the app just closed. A stream of expletives was issued from my mouth. Just what I need on a Fri afternoon.


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