Monday, October 08, 2007

ALT.NET Aftermath


Let me say that again.


I really can't think of a superlative that adequately describes the ALT.NET experience. It was certainly everything that I hoped that every other conference that I attended would be (but invariably wasn't). The people were amazing. The level of debate was exceptional. On a given topic almost everyone present was at least conversant. In any session or side-discussion a large portion of the participants had considerable experience with the tool or technique in question. And often there was one or more industry recognized expert present.

What I found particularly interesting was that broadly we all have the same pain points. That is why we could have the endless BDD or anemic domain model discussions. And that is what excites me so much about the future - there are so many problems to solve. And of course it's going to take more than just the ALT.NET community to solve them.

I'm still processing the actual discussions. However the one thing that I am in no doubt about is that the upcoming MVC Framework from Microsoft totally rocks. It's completely extensible and plugable.

Wanna dump Web Forms (the default view) and use Brail. Go ahead.

Wanna use Windsor or Spring.NET or Structure Map for DI. You can.

Note that we're talking about integration with OSS products here. This is a significant and welcome change from the beast of Redmond.

It was already obvious that Scott Guthrie was brilliant but until I saw him in action I did not realize how much I had underestimated him. He's funny too - describing the day that Web Site Projects were released as "the worst day of his life". I can't wait for the CTP (6-8 weeks).

More on ALT.NET later....



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